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An uncompleted order

An uncompleted order

Nov 18,2016

Inhistory, Qualitywell has never failed to complete an order  but here’s the story of a thermometer .


In2010, Qualitywell, received an order from an American customer, everything wasmoving according to plan, material preparation, scheduling production , bookingshipment , all was in progress but like a movie, there was a sudden changed ofsituation, first the printing machine got broken then the director of printinghad to go back to his hometown to take care of his sick father for a period oftime and at the same time the there was a leakage in the glass. Although theseproblems could be solved one after the other it will obviously delay thedelivery time and the customer insisted on the delivery time, how to handlethis situation then, Is canceling the order the only option?

Persuadingthe customer to cancel order and incur no loss? Audrey personally wrote aletter to the customer explaining the actual situation and also asked him buythe same product in Americathen compare the cost there with that of Qualitywell.