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Cup Bimetal Thermometer Patent

Cup Bimetal Thermometer Patent

Mar 2,2017

Shanghai Qualitywell Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional thermometer manufacturer in China. We are focusing on temperature thermometers research and technology. We have more than 20 years thermometers working experience.

Since the year of 2013, our company has applied many patent applications in thermometers area. Today we will introduce you one of the patent applications —— the cup bimetal thermometer.

Cup Bimetal Thermometer Patent

As is known to all, temperature is quite normal in our daily life and work. We can see or feel it around us. Broadly speaking, many of us get used to pay attention to everyday’s weather forecast, and they will arrange their schedule according to the weather forecast. Narrowly speaking, if we want to make a cup of coffee in our office, we should have a look at the temperature of the water.

All in all, there are many kinds of thermometers can we use in the aspect of industrial, household, agriculture, electricity areas and so on.

Today we will introduce you the cup bimetal thermometer product, which is applicable to household. The thermometer is combined with our traditional bimetal thermometer and ordinary stirring cup circle.

This idea is from our daily working life. When we worked very hard during working hours,and we need to have a small rest for a cup of coffee in the office, we will hope the coffee can be drank the sooner the better. We will use spoon to stir the water. Sometimes we will chat with our colleagues, or we just stay alone. When we stay alone, we may just wait for the coffee drinking instead if doing nothing.

At that moment, if we have a bimetal thermometer, we can know the temperature of the water whenever we want. This is the reason why we design the cup bimetal thermometer.

Through the combination of bimetal thermometer and the stirring cup circle, we can easily get the temperature of the drink in the cup. Also, some people will forget to take a spoon for coffee stirring when they need. If you get the cup bimetal thermometer, let the spoon go! You can just use it to stir the coffee and get the temperature in the cup. Waiting for a cup of coffee will no longer be a boring thing when you are alone. And spoon forgetting also will be a very usual event in your working hours.

There are a lot of new products and inventions in our life. A lot of people are engaged in developing and designing them. Thanks to the new things, our life becomes more interesting and convenient.

Qualitywell Industrial hopes to bring more useful products and ideas relevant to temperature to our world through our efforts. We wish every people can see or know the temperature in everywhere all over the world.

The cup bimetal thermometer is only a very simple design of stirring cup and ordinary bimetal thermometer. We hope this small piece can bring you convenient for drinking hot drinks and also can give you some fun during a period of waiting time in work.