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Galileo color ball thermometer

Galileo color ball thermometer

Jun 5,2017

Galileo color ball thermometer is an ornamental work of art under the invention of Galileo(1564~1642).In a cylinder filled with liquid,there are several glass color balls,which go up and down with the change of temperature,it's a very interesting product.

When the ambient temperature reaches the number indicated in the metal plate hanged under the color ball,the color ball shall go down,and when the ambient temperature falls,the color ball shall go up.Among the floating balls in the upper part of the cylinder indicates the reference ambient temperature.


1.The liquid in the cylinder is hydrocarbon,which is no harmful to human beings,however it's forbidden contacting with fire sources.

2.In order to keep the product's accuracy,please avoid direct sunshine and contacting with heat sources.

3.If the glass cylinder is broken due to carelessness,please put on gloves and clean the fluid and broken glass with dry cloth.

4.The product isn't a toy.