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The use of a bimetallic thermometer in the making of maple syrup

The use of a bimetallic thermometer in the making of maple syrup

Jan 15,2018

Beautiful maple tree is very beautiful ,and also it  can be made into maple syrup because of high sugar content,. Maple syrupis one of the most famous specialties in Canada.

 The use of a bimetallic thermometer in the making of maple syrup

At present, seventy percent of the world'smaple syrup products in Quebec.This maple syrup is sweet as the honey, unique and rich in minerals. It is anatural and nutritious product. It is said that it can bring beauty. And if put it on the vegetables., which can also make the children who do not love vegetables love the vegetable and eat fast .

So, how can maple syrup be made?

1. Collect the sap, pour it into the pot,add about 3/4 full line. The fire will slowly SAP boil, with reduced inside the liquid water evaporation amount, gradually add sap. Continuously add fire to keep the temperature in the process. It takes several hours to cook the syrup.

You have to focus on it during the heating ,otherwise it will be  probably burned. The fire should be kept large and some time keep adding the sap into the pot, the continuity of the work is necessary ,  sometimes even stay up late.

the maple syrup thermometer

2. Monitoring temperature.  You have to measure the temperature of thepot by the maple syrup thermometer during adding the sap into pot. Usually the temperature should be kept at 100,but the temperature will be increased to 103-104℃ following the  most of the water evaporates. So  when the temperature reaches 103, it's time to stop heating .

The syrup may be too strong or burnt out if remove the sire too late,  so keep monitoring the temperature at any time. If you are afraid of the over temperature, so , you can  remove the fire a little earlier.

So a high quality and accurate bimetal thermometer is essential if you  want to make the maple syrup perfect.