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DATA for customized digital thermometer

DATA for customized digital thermometer

Feb 24,2018

The digital thermometer is very popular in the thermometer field. There are also many types for choose. For many special industries, in order to better complete their own processing and production, the  digital thermometers can also be in a customized way.  For the customizing digital thermometer, the users also need to provide a lot of parameters to the manufacturer.

DATA for customized digital thermometer

The data that users need to provide to the manufacturer as bellow:

Dial Size and Accuracy 

Users need to provide the  dial diameter size to the manufacturers when in custom digital display thermometer(as same as when order the bi-metal thermometer). And then is a demand of the  precision. manufacturers can also have professional door-to-door service to measure the size  if the users is not very sure of the thermometer size . then can get a perfect  design of the thermometer.

Measure Range and theFix Type

Users also need to give a detailed description of the temperature range for their measurement media, and also should to know how to fix the thermometer in the equipment . As well as the material requirement of the thermometer .

The aboves are very important for designing a reasonable thermometer for the machine.