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Inspection years and process of bimetallic thermometer

Inspection years and process of bimetallic thermometer

Mar 9,2018

As we all know, bimetallic thermometers, pressure gauges and other instruments are required to be tested in the relevant laws ofthe state. So how long is the inspection period of bimetallic thermometers commonly used in chemical enterprises?

 Inspection years and process of bimetallic thermometer

First of all, you need to know the general inspection process in a chemical industry.

Usually there are 3 categories in charge of measurement need to classify all the measuring instruments used in the enterprise during the period of the system construction;.


Class A measuring instruments:

The state compulsory testing instruments,traceability standard measuring instruments, measuring instruments for trade settlement, measuring instruments related to safety and environmental protection, and measuring instruments related to the key points of safety.

This measurement instrument, such as a toxic, combustible alarm device, and a special hazard such as high temperature and high pressure equipment. It is mandatory for external measurement to be divided into first class measuring instruments. The verification period of components without special requirements is generally 1 year , and local pressure gauges and bimetallic thermometers are six months.


Class B measuring instruments:

Including all general measuring instruments, including temperature, flow, pressure, liquid level, enterprise standard, etc., are usually calibrating for 1 or two years.


Class C measuring instruments:

The measuring instruments of not the key parts used in the enterprise, some only need to do the first inspection, some of the period can be dragged behind.


We must hold the highest level appraisal meeting of the company, form the meeting minutes and the conclusion of the review, and invite the technical supervision department of the state organ or the relevant personnel of the security department to attend the meeting, so that your appraisal will be more legitimate.


The bimetallic thermometer should be checked and calibrated every half a year under the condition of the prescribed process, so as to ensure normal use. Of course, according to the actual situation, it can be adjusted to one or two years.