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How to install,use and maintain pressure gauges?

How to install,use and maintain pressure gauges?

Feb 27,2019

How to install,use and maintain pressure gauges? There are eight main points:

1. Before installing, verify the model number,specification,accuracy grade of the pressure gauge are available for the using demands, and check the connection thread of pressure gauge and the female thread of the equipment is accordant.


2. Install the pressure gauge perpendicularly, the gradient usually is not more than 30°, keep the same level of the measurement location, to avoid indication error.

3. After installation, check the pointer is at the zero point or adjoin the stop pin when the pressure gauge under zero pressure, otherwise don’t use them.

4. When measure the vapor pressure,install the ring pipe at the bottom of the pressure gauge, it transfers the vapor pressure via water, avoid high temperature vapor rush into the bourdon tube, affect the gauge accuracy, or make the soldering tin melting, to cause gauge leaking, an accident happens or scald people.

5. Open the valve slowly, let the pressure rise to working location. If open the valve suddenly, the pressure will be out of controlling, exceed the max. Measuring pressure, will cause the bourdon tube to be broken, distortion or broken movement, to make the pressure can’t work properly.

6. After using, should release the press slowly, don’t make the pointer falling to zero suddenly, if so the pointer will hit the stop pin, the pointer will be bent or even broken.

7. Calibrate or maintain the pressure gauge according to the regulated requirements.

8. Put the disassembling pressure gauge in the dustproof, dry and free from corrosion surrounding.