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Maintenance of Pressure Gauge

Maintenance of Pressure Gauge

May 10,2019

After a period of using, some deformation and abrasive wear will inevitably occur in the movement of the pressure gauge, and various errors and faults will occur in the pressure gauge. In order to ensure its original accuracy without distortion of value transmission, it should be replaced in time to ensure that the indication is correct, safe and reliable. 

  Pressure gauges should be cleaned regularly. Because the pressure gauge interior is not clean, it will increase the wear and tear of various parts, thus affecting its normal work, serious pressure gauge failure, scrap.

  The calibration period of pressure gauges installed in the pressure measuring part is generally not more than half a year. The medium in the pressure measuring part fluctuates greatly, is frequently used, requires higher accuracy, and requires stricter safety factors. The verification period can be appropriately shortened according to specific conditions.