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The Installation steps of pressure gauge

The Installation steps of pressure gauge

Jun 17,2019

1. Before installing and using the pressure gauge, check whether the type, specification and precision grade of the instrument meet the requirements of the instrument. Check whether the joint threads of the instrument are identical with the insert threads of the instrument.

2. The pressure gauge should be installed vertically, and the inclination is generally not more than 30 degrees. The pressure gauge should be kept at the same level as the measuring point in order to avoid the indication error.

3. After installation, in the case of no pressure, whether the observation pointer is in zero position or close to the disc stop pin, otherwise it is not suitable to use.

When measuring the steam pressure, the lower end of the pressure gauge should be equipped with annular tube. Water should be used to transfer the steam pressure, so as to avoid high temperature steam rushing into the spring tube, affecting the accuracy of the instrument, or inadvertently melting the solder, resulting in leakage of the instrument, accidents or burns.