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Use and Maintenance of Bimetallic Thermometer

Use and Maintenance of Bimetallic Thermometer

Jul 18,2019

1. The length of the bimetallic thermometer protective tube immersed in the measured medium must be longer than that of the temperature sensitive element. Generally, the immersion length is greater than 100 mm, and the immersion length of 0-50 (?) C range is greater than 150 mm, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

2. Bimetallic thermometers should avoid collision with protective tubes during storage, operation, installation and transportation. They should not bend and deform protective tubes and use case as wrench.

3. All kinds of bimetallic thermometers should not be used to measure medium temperature in open container,  or in control circuit in case of large vibration.

4. Thermometers should be inspected regularly under normal conditions. Generally, it is advisable to test every six months.

5. The bellows of the every angle  thermometer are only 0.1mm thick, so the M4 nuts and screws must be loosened when turning. And turn carefully, do not exert. Two wrenches must be used in installation to avoid damage