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Points for attention in purchasing hygrometer

Points for attention in purchasing hygrometer

Dec 5,2019

1、Protection: the sensor and housing of the hygrometer shall consider whether it can withstand condensation, drying, limit temperature, dust, chemistry, or other pollution.

2、Quality reliability, average life: many products look inconstant to distinguish true from false. Therefore, when the quality is not good to judge, we can start from the overall impression, inspect the quality appraisal and delivery standards, and inspect the history, reputation, market share and application of the manufacturer

3、Adaptability: when the use situation is not a single one, the adaptability of the instrument should be taken into consideration. When buying the product, it is expected to be full-featured, which can provide us a lot of help。

4、Replace ability: it is generally hoped that the hygrometer can be used interchangeably or other probes can cooperate with the equipment .

5. Maintenance: check the time requirements for regular cleaning, renewal and replacement of the hygrometer.