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United are all of us, wipe out coronavirus!

United are all of us, wipe out coronavirus!

Feb 12,2020

Every year, when the Spring Festivalcomes, every family will put on lights and decorations, paste beautiful windowflowers,all kinds of big “Fu” characters and spring couplets,which re full ofjoy.


However, the Spring Festival in 2020 istotally different. A war without smoke and guns has started, and thecoronavirus infection has swept through. At present the Chinese government is taking the most powerful measures,and everything is under control. 


Shanghai QualityWell spent more thanUSD6000 to purchase the protective materials required for the workers andstaff, and prepared the necessary information & paper materials to send thegovernment for re-open applying.

United are all of us, wipe out coronavirus!


At the same time, Shanghai QualityWellchecked the stock materials level of all open orders, and communicatedvoluntarily with the customers on the order delivery.

We believe that with the joint efforts of the people of the wholecountry,we can win this “battle” and usher in a better 2020 in our hearts!