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Notes for using surface thermometer

Notes for using surface thermometer

Apr 28,2020

Surface thermometer is also called magnet thermometer and pipeline thermometer. Its working principle is to measure the temperature by the magnet adsorbing the surface of the object to be measured or by the spring fixed on the surface of the pipe.

The following points should be noted when using the thermometer:

1. The magnet surface of the surface thermometer and the surface of the measured object are not clean, resulting in incomplete temperature conduction. Therefore, there should be no impurity between them to affect the adsorption of the thermometer

2. Enough stay time. Because the surface thermometer measures the temperature of the surface of the object, it takes a certain time for the temperature to transmit from the inside to the outside, and it also takes time for the temperature sensing part from the surface to the thermometer, which usually needs to be placed for 15 minutes to make the reading stable.

3. The thermometer should also be cleaned and maintained regularly, especially the contact surface.