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Optimal Temperature & Humidity In a Room

Optimal Temperature & Humidity In a Room

Nov 15,2022

The comfortable temperature and humidity play an important role in the bedroom environment, which directly affects the health of human body. If the temperature and humidity are too high or too low, it will not be conducive to the health of human body.


Generally speaking, the most comfortable temperature for the human body in a room is 15-18C. If the indoor air is not circulating or the relative humidity is less than 35%, and the indoor temperature is more than 25C, the human body will begin to absorb heat from the outside, and you will feel hot.


If the temperature exceeds 35C the sweat glands of the human body start to start, and the body temperature is accumulated through slight sweat, the heart rate is accelerated, and the blood circulation is accelerated. It will make the body feel dizzy, uncomfortable and tired, and the feeling of lethargy is unbearable. On the contrary, when the temperature falls below 4C, you will feel cold.


According to the statistics of meteorological experts, when the relative humidity is up to 30%, the temperature of heat stroke is 38C, when the relative humidity is up to 80% and the temperature is at 31C, people with weak physique can sometimes cause heat stroke. If they encounter low temperature and high humidity in winter, people will feel damp and cold.


So it is very important to keep comfortable temperature and humidity at home.