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Customers trust is our responsibility

23years of experience in the instrument industry.
Occupied 2 positions in 23 years, started as thermometer sales agent then became the GM of shanghai qualitywell company.
At Qualitywell Audrey usually talk about two things;Integrity and Responsibility.
We do not only sell thermometers to customers, we deliver commitments to them.
Our customers do not only order meters from us, they put their trust in us.
We were very lucky at the startup of Qualitywell, we were just four, but due to the trust of some old customers who knew us gave us orders within six months, even at the point of paying in advance before their goods were made. So due to these acts , we shall always remember and be grateful to customers and stressed on the fact that their trust is our responsibility.
I still remember at the beginning when there were not many orders, it was very difficult to get raw materials. Audrey will drive hundreds of kilometers to visit suppliers to discuss the details with them and to ensure accuracy and quality of the product. We met few difficulties during the production some customized orders. 70% of the products were scraped due to some light defections but we didn't ship the goods even though the customers couldn't have realize . Although we lose from this scrapping , it was worth the trust we gained from the customers. At last the perfect product was out after a series of trials finally shipped to the customer on time.

Audrey is very strict when dealing with quality issues, she’ll make a small problem look very big, even pushes the sales team to argue with QC and the production manager, many people can't  understand why. Sometimes people usually murmur asking if Audrey audrey is the QC or the GM? Hearing this , she’ll just say “Will you like to receive goods like this if you were a customer?”
As time passes, each Qualitywell’s employee is clearly aware of the fact that customers are the most important. Our only responsibility is taking customer’s trust as our real service .