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US$200.000 loss of WIKA pressure gauge deal

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US$200.000 loss of WIKA pressure gauge deal

Issue Time:2016-11-18

Duringthe period of war, there was this philosopher named ZhuYang who one day walked through a junction and was confused since he didn'tknow which way to go. He was mocked by others but he didn't really care thatmuch about their mockeries, instead he said Duringa lifetime  there're manyroads to choose from and this will get some people confused when making achoice .

 US$200.000 loss of WIKA pressure gauge deal

Thereare also many difficult choices to be made when facing customers and theirdemands. There have been a few losses in customized orders of thermometer andpressure gauge  inQualitywell’s marketing department, so what stories lies behind this and whatdecision should be taken.

We once received a customer’s inquiry from theMiddle East, they wanted to purchase a batchof pressure gauges for an air compressor equipment. We exchanged more than 10emails to discuss the details and specifications , including threading,accuracy , delivery payment terms etc. Everything was going on pretty well,just waiting for the contract to be signed. The customer ordered a ‘WIKA’ trademarkto be printed on the plate, the customer couldn't provide an authorization norany legitimate document from WIKA, he just insisted on printing the trademarkon the gauges. If we agree, an order of US$200.000.00 will be made if not thenegotiation will be breached. The ball was in our court and decision was ours.Apart from North America WIKA is has been a longterm partner with many years ofcooperation. Even if not , should we accept this kind of business not ? Thiswas a difficult choice for the wholesales team andtop management to make. This wasn't the first time to come across suchsituation, its recurrent. Customers usually bring other company’s samples ofthermometers and gauges and asked us to replicate the exact copy. Acceptingthis kind of business or not has always been a big issue. Accepting these typesof deal will generally make our sales good and if not we’ll lost the deal andit will be transferred to our competitor. At moments like these, our Value andintegrity always guide us to make the final decision. Integrity Qualitywellalways acts in favor of customer’s safety , so at last the final decision wasGiving Up the deal.

Anestimated loss of about US$200.000.00 from the failed WIKA deal and some othersimilar orders , there are probably a million reasons but the main criterion ofchoice is; Integrity .