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Ordering food thermometer again

Ordering food thermometer again

Dec 27,2016

QualityWell can produce all kinds of thermometers, It is used in different fields. For example, industry、agriculture、food and so on. Recently ,many people who used it in food , find us .Amongst is a customer who does food seasoning. Our thermometer had helped him very much.

This customer found us through a web site .He likes our thermometer style from the pictures , but he was worried about two was . so, called us to find out: First problem was that Food seasoning temperature is very high, and didn’t know whether the bimetal thermometer temperature can reach 400 degrees!

The second was that he hope this thermometer can measure the temperature of food seasoning and can also measure the temperature of the water. To QualityWell speaking of these two problems is not a big deal. QualityWell’s bimetal thermometer temperature can reach up to 500 degrees, so, 400 degrees is not a problem. Bimetal thermometer can measure different liquid, gas temperature, So,It can be measured,as long as the scope of the thermometer is right, And measured water is not a problem!

Through our proposal, we solved his  doubts,  Finally ,he ordered 200 pieces food thermometers.