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A very sincere customer

A very sincere customer

Dec 27,2016

Last week, I got a call at the end of work. It is a very normal at Qualitywell speak, because at the end of the day is very busy every day. But if the customers need us to do something for them, we will try our best to help customers.

By telephone I know this customer is a professional , He is engaged in the work of mechanical equipment, The machinery need use to a kind of thermometer to test temperature, So ,he gave me some thermometer specifications,for example :Temperature range,dial size ,tube length and material ,and so on. I knew he need to PT1005 Bimetal thermometer, But we haven’t goods in stock, in addition to this , He needs the screw thread type that we rarely to do it , So ,if his order quantity is very few. We can’t to do it ,because it is difficult to do. When he knew that , he decided to ask technician for this case face to face.

After a discussion with him, I knew he is a sincere customer, he need to buy thermometer urgently. So, I decided to let the technician help him . But that day we were at the end of work ,Then, he decided to come to company next day, And early the next day he came to the company, I took him to find the technician, According to his description ,technician knew what the customer need to do and how to use it ,Finally , Technician give him a better solution to do thermometer,This model is more suitable for his use of equipment, the customer is very satisfied,So, he bought 20 pieces  withaout a second thought, and said: if the use of good ,will often buy later.

So if a customer is sincere, I think we will have a long term cooperation a very happy one.