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What's the difference between heat and temperature?

What's the difference between heat and temperature?

May 6,2017
Now you know about absolute zero, it's easy to see why something like an iceberg (which could be at the chilly temperature of about 3-4°C or round about 40°F) is relatively hot. Compared to absolute zero, everything in our everyday world is hot because its molecules are moving around and they have at least some heat energy. Everything around us is also at a much hotter temperature than absolute zero.

You can see there's a close link between how much heat energy something has and its temperature. So are heat energy and temperature just the same thing? No! Let's get this clear:

*Heat is the energy stored inside something.

*Temperature is a measurement of how hot or cold something is.We measure temperature with thermometers using two common (and fairly arbitrary) scales called Celsius (or centigrade) and Fahrenheit.

An object's temperature doesn't tell us how much heat energy it has. It's easy to see why not if you think about an iceberg and an ice cube. Both are at more or less the same temperature but because the iceberg has far more mass than the ice cube, it contains billions more molecules and a great deal more heat energy.
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