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Bimetal thermometer need to know

Bimetal thermometer need to know

Jun 26,2017

Bimetal thermometer need to know


It is one kind of thermometers to measuremiddle and low temperature on the spot. It could be used to directly measuretemperature of liquid, vapor and gas ranging from-80~500

Field: Household, Hotel, Industrial, petroleum,chemical industry, power station, Ship environment.


1. Directly display temperature on the spot

2. High reliability and long lifeexpectancy

3. Many structure forms to meet differentdemands


Bimetal thermometer is basedon bimetal bended into ring shape. One side of bimetal expands in time of beingheated, which results in revolvingof indicator, and then the meter indicates corresponding temperature value topyroelectric potential.

4Measuring principle :

Two kinds of metals whose inflatedcoefficient make a great deal of difference are hard composed together, andthen the dishing twin-sheet metal comes into being. When the temperature relay arrivesat a certain given value, one upward curving force will come into being intwin-sheet metal as a result of big expanding for nether metal and smallexpanding for upper metal.

5Main Technical Parameters :

  .Executive Standard JB/T8803-1998  GB3836-83

  .Nominal Diameter of Dial:60,100,150

  .Accuracy Class:(1.0),1.5

  .Thermal Response Time:40S

  .Protection class:IP55

  .Angle-adjusting Error

     It shall be no more than 1% of its measuring range.

  .Return Error

     It shall be no more than the absolute value of basic error limit.


     The repeat range shall be no more than 1/2 of absolute value of basicerror limit.