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Chemical industry bimetal thermometer

Chemical industry bimetal thermometer

Issue Time:2017/07/17

It is one kind of thermometers to measuremiddle and low temperature on the spot. It could be used to directly measuretemperature of liquid, vapor and gas ranging from-80~500℃.

Chemical industry bimetal thermometer

Field: Household, Hotel, Industrial, petroleum,chemical industry, power station, Ship environment.

Two kinds of metals whose inflatedcoefficient make a great deal of difference are hard composed together, andthen the dishing twin-sheet metal comes into being. When the temperature relay arrivesat a certain given value, one upward curving force will come into being intwin-sheet metal as a result of big expanding for nether metal and smallexpanding for upper metal.


Name:Bimetal Thermometer
Model Number:I300E(WSS3B125150)
Type:Bimetal Thermometer
Connection:Bottom Connection
Bezel:screw-in Bezel
Material:All Stainless Steel 304
Thread:No thread,but other thread is okay.
Dial Size:75mm
Stem Diameter:6.35mm
Stem Length:150mm(between50-1200mm)
Temperature Range:0-100C(customized)
Lens:Glass          .
Field:Household,Hotel,Industrial,petroleum,chemical industry,power 


Bimetal Thermometer  Features:

1.Directly display temperature on the spot

2. High reliability and long lifeexpectancy

3. Many structure forms to meet differentdemands