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About bimetal thermometer

About bimetal thermometer

Jul 26,2017

1.CASE: The entire case assembly is of Type304 Stainless Steel. To insure a moisture proof unit, the heavy glass face issecurely gasketed with the case and bezel assembly, hermetically sealed.

STEM ASSEMBLY: The stem and fixed threadconnection is fabricated of stain-less steel. All welded construction insurescomplete corrosion resistance. Model BM, RBM and VBM stem diameter is 1/4"and for 2" dials the fixed thread is 1/4" NPT, 3" and 5"dials are 1/2" NPT.


2. How many dial size choice for bimetalthermometer?

Quality offers a complete line ofCommercial Bimetal Thermometers in 2", 3" and 5" dial sizes. Allversions are hermetically sealed and silicone dampened for optimum performancein most industrial applications. A recalibration feature is standard on thevari-angle types. Other 3" and 5" dial forms are available with orwithout a reset feature for a wider customer choice and savings.


3.How long and how short stem canQulaitywell make?

Qualitywell can make the bimetalthermometer stem with 2 meters. And if you need longer, we are happy todevelop.

The shortest stem Qualitywell can make is 50mm.