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Operating procedures for replacement of bimetallic thermowells

Operating procedures for replacement of bimetallic thermowells

Dec 3,2019

1. Before removing the thermometer, in order to ensure that normal production will not be affected, contact the dispatcher to explain the situation, and carry out the work after obtaining the consent 

2. Confirm that there is no dangerous factor (such as natural gas leakage) in the surrounding environment, and disassemble it with the explosion-proof wrench. (Note: the instrument joint connecting the pipeline must be fixed with a wrench to avoid loosening.

3. After removal, cover the instrument interface on the pipeline with a clean cloth or other articles to avoid sundries falling

4. Empty the pipe section where the bimetallic thermometer needs to be replaced

5. Remove the bimetallic thermometer from the thermowell which to be replaced and install a new thermowell.

6. Slowly charge the pipe section and check for leakage at any time.

7. Fill the thermowell with proper amount of heat transfer oil.

8. Install bimetallic thermometer with the a wrench.

9. Observe whether the thermometer works normally.