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Service cycle of bimetal thermometer

Service cycle of bimetal thermometer

Feb 20,2020

Bimetal thermometers are mainly used in the fields of industry, petroleum, chemical industry, heating system, pipeline and power plant. In this field, the performance requirements of bimetal thermometers are very high. How long should the bimetal thermometer be used?

Generally speaking, there are two factors that affect the service life of bimetal thermometer:

1.   Material: the service cycle of SS304 stainless steel and common 201 material must be different

2.   Service environment: the service cycle of normal environment and high corrosion and strong vibration environment is definitely different.

We can say that the bimetal thermometer made of SS304 stainless steel can be used for up to 10 years in normal (non high corrosion, non strong vibration) service environment. It should also be noted that bimetal thermometers, as measuring instruments, are calibrated every year.