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All QualityWell staff attended first-aid training

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All QualityWell staff attended first-aid training

Issue Time:2020-07-27

Speaking of first-aid, what's your first reaction to think about? I think the first reaction of most people is the chest compression and artificial respiration performed by professionals when people lose their breath and heartbeat. As a matter of fact, the first-aid is far more than that. First-aid means emergency treatment, which means that when there is any accident or emergency, the rescuer, in accordance with the principle of medical care, makes temporary and appropriate initial rescue and care for the injured and injured by using the applicable materials on site before the arrival of medical staff, and then send them to the hospital as soon as possible. Shanghai Qualitywell Industrial Co., Ltd. contacted the Red Cross Society of Jiading District , and invited the volunteer teachers to train all QualityWell staff on June 4 and 5.

All QualityWell staff attended first-aid training All QualityWell staff attended first-aid training


More than 400,000 people lose their lives every year because they can't get timely medical care. Behind this, there may be more than 400000 families. In recent years, our country is also making continuous efforts to actively cultivate the awareness of first aid of the people, and purchase professional first-aid equipment (AED), etc. Of course, it is not enough to have the equipment. We also need expert ambulanceman who can use the equipment. Take Shanghai as an example.,the Red Cross Society in each district has free training on relevant courses.


All QualityWell staff attended first-aid training

Through this training, the first-aidability of QualityWell staff were effectively improved, which is also the significance of this training.