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Can bimetal thermometers be used in HVAC equipment?

Can bimetal thermometers be used in HVAC equipment?

Aug 7,2020

Bimetallic thermometer is a kind of instrument that can be used for medium and low temperature field temperature,It is widely used in petrochemical industry, nuclear power plant, hotel equipment, industrial equipment and ships.So, can bimetallic thermometers be used in HVAC equipment?

Of course, it can be used. According to the needs of the installation environment, we have bimetal thermometers specially suitable for HVAC equipment,We call it special bottom connection bimetal thermometer.It is also commonly used in industry, petroleum, chemical industry, heating system, pipeline, machinery manufacturing and general factory construction etc.Because of the connection of the table head with the temperature tube is a curved pipe and named.The radian of the elbow needs to be determined according to the needs of the installation environment.

Model: i300s

Type: Hot jacketed bimetal thermometer

Connection:Bottom Connection

Upper cover ring: Crimped type, Plate type panel

Material: all stainless steel SS304


Surface diameter: 80mm

Stem OD:6.35mm

Temperature sensing tube length: 150 mm (50-1200mm optional)

Temperature range: - 10 + 120c (or customized)

Accuracy: ± 1.5%

Lens:Glass standard

Enclosure Rating:IP65

Special bottom connection bimetal thermometers the working principle is to weld two pieces of metal with great difference in expansion coefficient together.When the temperature changes, the different expansion coefficient results in different expansion and contraction, resulting in the bending deformation of the metal sheet.According to the different deformation, different rotation amount is generated. The rotation amount drives the connected rotating shaft and the indicator needle at the other end to indicate the temperature.