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How to install stainless steel bimetal thermometer?

How to install stainless steel bimetal thermometer?

Sep 21,2020

Stainless steel bimetal thermometers are mainly used on industrial equipment, petrochemical industry, heating system, pipelines, power plants, HVAC equipment and ship.

Working principle : the temperature sensing element is composed of two layers of metal sheets with relatively large difference in linear expansion coefficient,one end of the element is a fixed end and the other is free.When the temperature changes, due to the different material of bimetallic sheet, the coefficient of linear expansion is relatively large, resulting in different expansion and contraction,it leads to bending deformation of bimetal sheet and is equipped with transmission mechanism (pointer and temperature marked dial) at the free end,In this way, the temperature reading can be displayed directly.

How to install the stainless steel bimetal thermometer?


When we install the stainless steel bimetal thermometer, firstly we should know its working environment,because the installation way is determined by the using environment.The common installation way of bimetal thermometer include: flange fixation, threaded connection, joint connection of flange and fixed connection, and simple protective sleeve insertion installation.

You can choose the most suitable installation according to the actual working environment.