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The key to a good cup of tea: temperature

The key to a good cup of tea: temperature

Sep 8,2020
A good cup of tea is not easy to get. A good cup of tea is not just a simple brewing. Different water temperatures are required for different teas, depending on the level of different types of tea.But we often do not pay attention to this point, always like to use very hot water to brew.

Generally speaking, it is good to brew green tea with boiling water, which can make the effective ingredients in tea quickly leach out.Some green tea with high tenderness, such as Longjing tea, is brewed with boiling water at 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. The tea is green and bright, with pure aroma and mellow taste.Brick tea is washed first, and then brewed at 100 ℃ water. The dosage is generally twice that of green tea. Different water temperature is required for different tea.

The black tea is first heated with hot water, and then brewed at 100 ℃.The best oolong tea can be brewed 7-8 times with 100 ℃ water for several times. The best brewing time is 2-5 minutes.
Therefore, in order to control the temperature of the water temperature, this time we need to use a thermometer.

This portable thermometer is very suitable for tea making. The pen case can protect bimetal thermometer from being polluted. It is suitable in size and easy to carry.
Model Number PT1835
Connection Back Connection
Bezel Yes
Plastic Sleeve Various color
Material All Stainless Steel 304
Thread No
Dial Size 35mm 
Stem Diameter 3.8mm 
Stem Length 127mm
Temperature Range -10-110C(or customized)
Accuracy ±1.5-1-1.5%
Lens Plastic
Packaging Shakeproof
Enclosure Rating IP55
Field Household,hotel,food,drinks,etc 

Finally, it should be noted that in addition to the suitable water temperature, there is also water quality,In order to keep the fragrance of tea, it is better to choose "soft water" with low metal ion content, such as pure water and high-quality mineral water.